Functional Conf

Asia's Premier Functional Programming Conference
Nov 16—19, 2017 Fortune Park JP Celestial Hotel

About the Conference

First Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite Conference in India
Nov 17th, Hosted by Functional Conf

Functional programming has been a hot research topic for over three decades now. However, in the last five years, driven by the need to build massively concurrent systems and to handle big-data in smarter ways, diverse companies - ranging from tech start-ups to financial institutes - are rapidly adopting functional programming concepts.

Currently, functional programming is at the heart of every new generation programming technology. Companies are employing functional programming to actuate more effective, robust, and flexible software development. This has given birth to an extremely vibrant community of functional programmers, who are constantly exploring new and varied ways to bring in functional programming concepts to the enterprise software development world.

Functional Conf is designed to bring together the growing community of functional programmers under one roof.

At Functional Conf:

  • Participants can understand the fundamental concepts of functional programming
  • Participants can learn how others are leveraging functional programming to solve real world problems
  • Experts can share their expertise on practical usages and gotchas in functional programming concepts
  • Practitioners can meet peers and exchange real-world experience