You can FP in OOP, but learn an FP language to fully understand the benefits of the paradigm

March 4, 2022
Michael Snoyman is an expert Haskeller. This interview was recorded at FnConf 2019 and Michael will be speaking at Functional Conf 2022.


The world has changed a lot around functional programming. It's no longer considered weird or obscure to use functional programming. Most languages have embraced these kinds of ideas.

My warning, my caveat is if you're a Java programmer or you're a C++ programmer and you think you're going to be able to learn functional programming by working in C++ or Java, or JavaScript, or any of these others, you're missing out on a lot of the benefits you could be getting.

I recommend coming to a conference like this, picking up the books, learning a language - I prefer Haskell but there are others - picking up a language that's really going to force you into learning the functional programming idioms, refining them, even if you're going to end up going back and using a different language that forced adoption. The fact that you're not going to have a mutable variable that you can escape to, that's going to change the way you write code in whatever language you go to next.

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