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Registration Slabs

Slab # of Seats Conference Pass
1. Super Early Bird 25 Rs. 3,000
2. Early Bird 25 Rs. 4,000
3. Smart 50 Rs. 5,000
4. Regular 50 Rs. 6,000
5. Late 25 Rs. 7,500
6. Last Minute 25 Rs. 10,000

Each slab has a fixed number of seats. Once they are sold, next slab is active.
Online registration page clearly displays the number of seats left for the current slab.

Student Discount

To encourage more participation from students, we are happy to offer a special 50% discount for students. Email us for the discount code.


For name change, cancellation/refund policy, please check the online registration's terms & conditions.

Register for Conference

Compensation for speakers

Speakers will be compensated as follows:

60 or 90 minutes session 1 Free Conference Registration + 2 Hotel Night
45 minutes session 1 Free Conference Registration + 1 Hotel Night
20 minutes session 1 Free Conference Registration
< 20 minutes No Compensation

Speakers can contact for discount code to register for the conference.

Compensation listed above is only for primary speakers. Co-presenters can avail a 25% discount on their registrations. Hotel nights are capped at 3 nights for speakers with multiple accepted sessions. They cannot be accumulated beyond the cap or transferred to another person. Free registrations cannot be accumulated or transferred.